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Running a business – any business, especially an internet-seller business – can be complex and time-consuming: imagining and developing a product, sourcing, merchandising, advertising, … and then there is the Supply Chain. LOGISTICS.

Finding and managing providers to move product from its source (usually foreign) to locations that accomplish the fulfillment, maybe Amazon or others, can be a real headache. Many internet merchants let the supplier/manufacturer handle this effort for them, at a price that is built into the cost they pay to that source, with little or no control, nor visibility of the costs they are actually paying for this part of their business. Also, many internet sellers have shipments delivered to themselves for distribution and/or fulfillment. UGH! Right?

Kallau Logistics are professionals in this space, with expertise gained from decades of experience in both international and domestic shipping of retail and consumer goods. All the steps in the chain.

Consider the MONEY you spend on Logistics/Shipping (Do you know how much?) Like all operational savings, this goes straight to your BOTTOM LINE.

Consider the TIME you spend on this part of your business. Isn’t this the time you could more productively devote to what you like to do? And what you are really good at? Conceiving a product idea, developing it, marketing it. Then going on to another. GROWING YOUR BUSINESS!

Let KALLAU do the “dirty work”.

Design of the best network to move your product to meet your business model, considering both cost and time. Different business models have different requirements to beat competition. We can make recommendations as to the timing of order placement and completions that will best for your individual business requirements.

Manage overseas warehousing and handling to the container yard and onto the vessel or aircraft.

Communication between you supplier and the foreign warehouse and steamship line is critical to avoiding delays. Proper handling makes damage unlikely.

Manage shipping from export country. Either ocean or air, as required for the business model.

If time is short for your product to marker, we can ship via air. If you and your supplier can time it right, you save a great deal of cost going via ocean. We can help with establishing the proper timing to minimize the cost.

Manage US Customs Brokerage service, including classification and duty payment. (DON’T GET INTO TROUBLE WITH THE GOVERNMENT!) We will assist you with the necessary and appropriate customs bond.

Manage retrieval of your goods at the entry port. This could be trucking to warehouses, deconsolidation locations, or fulfillment centers anywhere.

Manage, if required, warehouse deconsolidation of your orders and further shipping portions to fulfillment centers. You may need some of your goods to go to a fulfillment center in Los Angeles, while another portion should go to another center in Dallas, and yet another to Charlotte, or Chicago. You can make a single order and decide how to split it while on the way to the port to the port or airport.

Find a reliable and cost-competitive provider for each step in the chain. We’ll make the setup tasks that are necessary for each provider easy and simple for you.

Manage your orders with these providers all through the chain for timeliness and accuracy. There is a considerable number of hand-offs that take place throughout the chain. Coordination of them all is key to avoiding delays that hurt business.

Audit the charges for each service required to get your merchandise where it needs to be.

Handle the billing and payment for these charges.

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